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Dairy’s Most Profit-Draining Challenges: Heat Stress

Presented by:
Dr. Geoffrey Dahl, Professor - Harriet B. Weeks Professor, President, American Dairy Science Association
Dr. Glenn Holub, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Heat stress has dramatic negative impacts on dairy cow productivity throughout the lactation cycle. In this webinar we will review the degree that milk yield is reduced with heat stress in lactation and the physiological reasons for those effects. In addition, we will consider the effects of heat stress during the dry period, in particular the profound negative impacts of heat stress on mammary development, immune function and ultimately on productivity in the next lactation. What You’ll Learn • How do cows respond to heat stress across the phases of the lactation cycle? • Why do dry cows require heat stress abatement to optimize productivity and health?

GEOFFREY DAHL BIO - Dr. Dahl conducts applied and basic research with direct impact on animal production and health. Specifically, his program focuses on understanding the physiological impact of management interventions, notably photoperiod and heat stress abatement, at various stages of the lactation cycle, in an attempt to harness that knowledge to optimize cow health and performance. The fundamental aspects of Geoff’s research has led to application in other agriculturally important species including sheep, goats and pigs.

GLENN HOLUB BIO - Dr. Glenn Holub, Executive Dairy Technology Manager with Phibro Animal Health, was raised on as small family dairy farm on the Texas gulf coast. He received his B.S., M. Ag, and PhD from Texas A&M University in Animal and Dairy Science. He served as a county agent for 12 years, as lecturer and faculty manager of the A&M Dairy Cattle Center for five years, feed company nutritionist and quality control with Land O’Lakes/Purina and Gores, Inc. for five years, and professor of Animal Science at Texas A&M University for eight years before joining Phibro Animal Health over eight years ago. Each and every one of these positions over 36 years of his career has developed his thought process and ideals of the dairy industry from various points of view.
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