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Global Beef Journey: South African Feedlots Moving Forward - From Producers to Integrators

Presented in English - Translated to Portuguese and Spanish

South African Feedlots Moving Forward: From Producers to Integrators

Speaker: Dewald Olivier, Executive Officer SA Feedlot Association

Dewald's passion for the feedlot and red meat industry is tangible and there is never a dull moment in the industry where he is involved. He is an admitted attorney on the non-practicing roll, and hold an Import & Export diploma with an MBA which he achieved summa cum laude. His passion is to be able to contribute to the South African red meat industry to evolve into a unified value chain by creating sustainable advantages and practices, for commercial and emerging role-players, through rebuilding of relationships and focusing on common goals.
  • Global Beef Journey: South African Feedlots Moving Forward
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