Vasil Stanev Global Director of Technical Services - Poultry Health and Nutrition, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

In his working experience he has played various roles with increasing responsibility in both animal nutrition and animal health industry, having experience from multiple markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has completed extensive trainings in poultry nutrition, least cost feed formulation, feed technology, poultry pathology and health management, pharmacovigilance, business strategy and management.

Dr. Stanev received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Veterinary Faculty in Sofia and Master of Business Administration degree from the CITY University of Seattle branch in Sofia.

In his current role, Dr. Stanev oversees the technical activities and services in Phibro with respect to poultry nutrition and health portfolio. Prior to Phibro, Dr. Stanev used to work for four years in the Scandinavian poultry feed and premix business (Poultry Group Director in Vilofoss (The DLG Premix & Nutrition cluster and Poultry Group Director in Vilomix / Danish Agro). Prior to that, he used to work as a Technical Manager for Intestinal Health - Poultry at Zoetis, in charge of the in-feed poultry business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for four years. Before that, he used to work at Christa Ltd. in Bulgaria for eight years, being responsible for the company's Animal Nutrition and Health Department.