Developing a Best-in-Class Direct Fed Microbial and Meeting the Expanding Needs of Broiler Industry

As the poultry industry increasingly uses more direct-fed microbials, the question arises as to why do they use them or more importantly, what does the industry expect to obtain from their use? We will review the developmental process used to create a product to offer the industry its desired need and how products vary by design. We will compare and contrast both microbial content and usage rates.

What You Will Learn

  • Process used to develop a best-in-class DFM.
  • Focused effects from differing microbes.
  • How DFMs differ by design.
  • Role of CFU counts versus feeding rates.

Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate

Course Instructors

Dr. A. Bruce Johnson Corporate Vice President - Global Business Development, Phibro Animal Health Corporation