Basic Principles in Intensive Farming System: Indonesia Scenario

Indonesia is one of the top five shrimp largest producers in the world. Recently, many shrimp farms in Indonesia have shifted from extensive or semi-intensive pond culture to the intensive, and even super- or supra-intensive technology systems with high stocking density; range from 110 – 500 post larvae (PL)/m2 in intensive culture and >500 PL/m2 for supra-intensive culture systems. The applications of best management practices for shrimp production system are the main factor to drive the significant increase on the quantity and quality of shrimp that being produced in Indonesia. The best management practices cover the pond preparation system, water quality and feed management system, standard operational procedure for shrimp culture and post-harvest management process. In this webinar, we will discuss about the basic principles for each management system to support the optimization of intensive production system using Indonesia scenario as the guidelines
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