Big Data for Decision Making in the Poultry Industry

Big Data for Decision Making in the Poultry Industry
Key points:

Data is an underappreciated asset and poultry companies do not extract full value from it

Poultry companies rely on professionals to make decisions – geneticists, veterinarians, and nutritionists, for example – and they should utilize data scientists in the same way

Using big data allows poultry companies to make better decisions at every opportunity, from small daily tasks to large infrastructure commitments

Big data and statistical analytics enable poultry companies to identify problems and opportunities more quickly and accurately

Big data and machine learning can predict future outcomes with enough time to act or correct

Tim Buisker is the Founder and Principal Data Scientist at Smart Data Science Solutions.
Tim completed a master’s degree in Biostatistics & Epidemiology at UC Berkeley, and his PhD coursework and dissertation (also at UC Berkeley) focused on mathematical modeling and ensemble machine learning. While in school he took a position at a San Francisco-based startup as a data scientist and epidemiologist, where he constructed statistical and mathematical models of food-borne infectious diseases.
  • Big Data For Decision Making in the Poultry Industry
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