Intestinal Health in Poultry: Viral, Bacterial and Cocci Challenges

Having been linked to everything from yield gains, feed conversion ratio and immunity to disease tolerance, mortality and animal welfare, intestinal health is foundational to the success of poultry operations today. Understanding how to get the most benefit out of intestinal health begins with understanding the viral, bacterial and coccidial challenges that can compromise gut health and the potential outcomes when those challenges threaten your operation. In this webinar, research experts will discuss viral, bacterial and coccidial challenges in poultry, their effects and potential strategies for managing such challenges for both bird health and return on investment.

What You Will Lean
•Basic pathogenesis of viruses
•Runting and Stunting syndrome in broilers and what we’ve learned over decades of research
•Effect of viral infection on production parameters
•How Clostridium perfringens causes both clinical and subclinical disease
•How to recognize subclinical effects of Clostridium perfringens early in the disease
•How to prevent or treat both clinical and subclinical N.E. without antibiotics
•The influence of coccidial infection on: Intestinal pH and digestive enzyme activity, Nutrient absorption, and energy utilization

Webinar Speakers:

Dr. Holly Sellers, Univ of Georgia
Dr. Chuck Hofacre, Southern Poultry Research Group
Dr. Ken Bafundo, consultant

Moderated by:
Dr. Luiz Gomez
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