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Dairy's Most Profit-Draining Challenges: Days Open

Reproductive efficiency is one of the keys to having a profitable dairy. In this webinar we will discuss reproduction in dairy cattle and factors that impact reproductive success. We will discuss key metrics of reproductive efficiency. We will also discuss how feeding OmniGen® nutritional specialty product can help improve immunity and how improved immunity can help reduce the number of days from calving to pregnancy.

What You’ll Learn
• The impact of reproductive efficiency on dairy profitably
• Factors that impact reproductive efficiency
• How feeding OmniGen can play a key role in improving immunity and how improved immunity impacts reproductive efficiency

Dr. Michael Hodgman
Dr. Kristen Glosson

Dr. Michael Hodgman is a veterinarian at Phibro Animal Health. He supports Phibro’s bovine autogenous vaccine business nationwide and helps the U.S. Ruminant Technical Team in support of our Nutritional Specialty Products. Mike has extensive experience not only with vaccines, but also in milk quality, reproduction, nutrition, cow comfort, general health, and youngstock. Dr. Hodgman received his DVM degree from the University of Minnesota. Previously, he worked as a Technical Service Specialist at Elanco Animal Health and as a clinical veterinarian in private practice serving the dairy industry. Mike resides in Zumbrota, Minnesota. He and his wife, Karen, have four children.

Dr. Kristen Glosson is a Senior Dairy Technology Manager at Phibro Animal Health. She was born and raised in North Carolina and grew up in agriculture. Dr. Glosson attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, where she received her B.S. degree in Animal Science and her M.S. dual degree in Animal Science and Nutrition. After completing her M.S. work focusing on pre-weaned calf nutrition, she attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL. There she directed her studies toward transition cow nutrition and the interaction of nutrition and the immune system. At UIUC she was given the opportunity to contribute to a variety of studies in addition to managing two transition studies within three years. After graduating Dr. Glosson was hired by Phibro Animal Health Corporation and moved to Syracuse, NY, where she supports New York and New England with product training, farm evaluations, teaching and technical leadership for Phibro employees and dairy customers and supports research and development efforts.
  • Dairy's Most Profit-Draining Challenges_ Days Open
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