Mineral Nutrition

Applications & Benefits of Organic Trace Minerals in Pet & Companion Animal Diets


Angela R. Boyer, Ph.D
Senior Technical Service Manager – Mineral Nutrition
Phibro Animal Health Corporation


This presentation includes an overview of organic trace mineral sources and their application and benefits in pet and companion animal diets, with a focus on source variation, carrier protein/amino acid benefits, and absorption pathways.

What you will learn:

• How organic trace minerals can enhance pet and companion animal diets.

• How to differentiate between the various organic trace mineral sources available to the industry.

• Benefits and advantages of the amino acid glycine and its role as the carrier protein for GemStone organic trace minerals.

• Bioavailability of different mineral sources and how this can impact absorption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of dogs and cats.


Please contact Dr. Boyer at Angela.boyer@pahc.com, or Jennie Cameron at Jennie.Cameron@pahc.com.
  • Applications & Benefits of OTMs in Pet & Companion Animal Diets
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