Practical Aspects of Poultry Salmonella

Presented by Jarosław Wilczyński, DVM, PhD.

Salmonella infections, despite many years of eradication programs, is still a significant problem in poultry production. From the presentation you will learn what are the practical aspects of salmonella in poultry from the perspective of a diagnostic laboratory. In addition, you will get information on the most frequently isolated serotypes and learn about your own experience on clinical cases. You will learn what are the practical aspects of control methods in poultry production, what are the most common mistakes and what is the best direction to combat this dangerous bacteria.

About the Speaker:
Head of the Lab-Vet Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Veterinarian with two specialists; poultry diseases and laboratory diagnostics. Many years of work in the field of diagnosis of poultry diseases completed with a doctoral dissertation on the pathogenicity of APEC strains. As the head of an accredited laboratory, he is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System in the laboratory. In addition, Jarosław Wilczyński is the author of numerous scientific and research works and popularly scientific works in the field of poultry disease, and a speaker at various seminars and scientific conferences. His particular interests are focused on drug resistance of bacterial strains and mechanisms of virulence.
  • PA Practical Aspects of Poultry Salmonellosis
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