Salmonella Gallinarum: A challenge that could be met and overcome

Disease caused by Salmonella Gallinarum could be considered as one of the most important health challenges facing the modern poultry industry. This lecture will present real scenarios that have been experienced in poultry companies in different countries. Good and bad experiences in managing this disease will be analyzed. And it will raise eradication as an achievable goal.

About the Speaker:

Academic history: Originally from Bogotá, Colombia • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 1990 National University of Colombia College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. • Master of Science in Animal Health and Production 1996 National University of Colombia College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. • Doctor of Veterinary Sciences 2013 Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre, Brazil College of Veterinary Medicine • American College of Poultry Veterinarians (ACPV): Certified in 2015 SPECIAL TRAINING: 1. University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center (PDRC). Training in Avian Virology and Histopathology. Athens, GA. 2007. 2. United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Egg Safety and Quality Research Unit; (USDA-ARS-ESQRU). Visiting Scientist - PhD Thesis. Athens, GA, 2011. 3. Mississippi State University. Poultry Research and Diagnostic Lab. Short Term Scholar. Pearl, MS, 2012. Laboral History: • Current Position: Associate Clinical Professor Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine (2015 to present). Diagnostician of the Poultry Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (PRDL). • Previous position: Associate Professor, National University of Colombia, College of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (1991-2015). • Invited professor: multiple US and Latin American universities • Major professor: Multiple Veterinarian students, Animal Science students, and Graduate students in US, Colombia, and Ecuador. National and international consulting: • Salmonella control in the poultry industry • Health and production in broiler vertical integrations • Health and production in commercial layer integrations • Antimicrobial resistance and no antibiotics use in the poultry industry Invited Speaker in multiple international poultry meetings Multiple research and technical papers
  • Salmonella Gallinarum: A Challenge That Could Be Met and Overcome
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