Hatchery Matters: Managing Chick Health in the Hatchery

Speaker: Dr. Mike Wineland, Ph.D.

Session Description:
The hatchery has a tremendous influence on the quality and condition of hatchlings and how the broilers will perform in the broiler house. The conditions that have a major impact on health as a result of problems in the hatchery include omphalitis as well as other navel conditions, aspergillus infections, dehydration of hatchlings, non-starters and an effect upon vaccination efficacy. This presentation will show how these conditions are produced by the hatchery and potential corrections or interventions to minimize the conditions.

Dr. Mike Wineland is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his PhD was dedicated toward endocrinology and reproductive physiology of poultry. After three years at West Virginia University, Mike joined North Carolina State University in the Poultry department. For over 30 years, Mike was a professor, extension specialist and departmental extension leader. For 20 years, major emphasis was directed toward research and educational hatchery operations. Upon retirement from North Carolina State University, Mike developed a consulting business where he investigates problems in hatchery operations and develops training for hatchery personnel. Mike continues to evaluate hatchery practices and their effect upon hatching performance in many countries around the world.
  • Hatchery Matters - Managing Chick Health in the Hatchery
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