07/27/2021 Intestinal integrity – nutrition and feed additives

In this webinar we will define the components of intestinal integrity and review different nutritional strategies and feed additives helping to improve the intestinal barrier function, maintain balanced state of the intestinal microflora and tolerance to inflammation to improve performance and reduce the need of antibiotic treatments on the field. We will see how to improve intestinal integrity by adjusting our feed specs (protein, fibers, fat and minerals), dealing with main antinutritional factors, feed structure and raw materials’ quality. There are different additives used to improve intestinal health and performance, eliminate or at least mitigate lots of predisposing factors or boost birds immune system towards pathogens. Enzymes (phytase and NSP enzymes), some vitamins (such as vit A, E, D3, niacin) and trace elements (like Zn and Se), probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenics (for example essential oils, polyphenols or saponins), short and medium chain fatty acids. The question is which solutions are right for my flocks. And unfortunately, there is no straight and simple answer. We need to understand each additive specific MoA and pick the one that best addresses the conditions and challenges we face. When it comes to feed additives that improve intestinal health a main attribute is inflammation management or anti-inflammatory properties. A desirable effect is also stimulation of the specific immune response towards different pathogens instead of non-specific inflammatory reactions, which are less efficient and often detrimental. Feed additives that boost intestinal health mitigate (prevent or alleviate) tissue stress and damage by for example dealing with antinutritional factors or having antioxidant effect. Some additives have a specific trophic properties over the intestinal mucosa, in which way they boost the mucosal function – absorption of nutrients and barrier for pathogens and toxic substances. Some additives on the other side support the state of eubiosis or balance between the microorganism – in our case the bird and its microflora. Last but not least they might have a direct effect on the host metabolism, by reducing stress and inflammation driving metabolism to more catabolic vs anabolic processes. Besides most of the feed additives have additive or even synergistic effects that one could leverage on.

Instructor: Dr. Vasil Stanev, Director, Global Tech Services Poultry Health and Nutrition, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Dr. Vasil Stanev serves as a Global Director Technical Services Poultry Nutrition and Health in Phibro. Before that he used to work for 4 years in the Scandinavian poultry feed and premix business (Poultry Group Director in Vilofoss (The DLG Premix & Nutrition cluster and Poultry Group Director in Vilomix / Danish Agro). Prior to that he used to work as a Technical Manager Intestinal Health Poultry in Zoetis in charge of the in-feed poultry business in Europe, Africa and Middle East for 4 years. Before that he used to work in Christa Ltd Bulgaria for 8 years, being responsible for the Animal Nutrition and Health Department of the company.

In his current role, Dr. Stanev oversees the technical activities and services in Phibro in respect to poultry nutrition and health portfolio. In his working experience he has played various roles with increasing responsibility in both animal nutrition and animal health industry, having experience from multiple markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Dr. Stanev received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Veterinary Faculty in Sofia and Master of Business Administration degree from the CITY University of Seattle branch in Sofia.
He has completed extensive trainings in Poultry nutrition, Least cost feed formulation, Feed technology,
Poultry pathology & health management, Pharmacovigilance, Business strategy and Management.
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