Coccidiosis and how to control it

In Coccidiosis and how to control it we will see why although not a novel disease, coccidiosis is still one of the most economically important veterinary problems in poultry production which according to 2020 data contributes with more than $10 Billion of annual losses. Due to their biology coccidia could not be eradicated from the poultry farms, thus coccidiosis requires uninterrupted and well directed management. First prerequisite of successful management program is having precise monitoring in place. For this reason we will recap on what methods we have for coccidiosis flock monitoring with their advantages and disadvantages. Most important we will review the arsenal of tools to manage coccidiosis and how to use them in order to achieve best possible efficacy of coccidiosis control in short and long term, keeping in mind the specifics of each operation. We will learn how Eimeria develop resistance towards different anticoccidial products and how to assess the specific sensitivity patterns of field Eimeria strains in order to build most efficient program for our specific conditions.

Instructor: Dr. Vasil Stanev, Director, Global Tech Services Poultry Health and Nutrition, Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Dr. Vasil Stanev serves as a Global Director Technical Services Poultry Nutrition and Health in Phibro. Before that he used to work for 4 years in the Scandinavian poultry feed and premix business (Poultry Group Director in Vilofoss (The DLG Premix & Nutrition cluster and Poultry Group Director in Vilomix / Danish Agro). Prior to that he used to work as a Technical Manager Intestinal Health Poultry in Zoetis in charge of the in-feed poultry business in Europe, Africa and Middle East for 4 years. Before that he used to work in Christa Ltd Bulgaria for 8 years, being responsible for the Animal Nutrition and Health Department of the company.

In his current role, Dr. Stanev oversees the technical activities and services in Phibro in respect to poultry nutrition and health portfolio. In his working experience he has played various roles with increasing responsibility in both animal nutrition and animal health industry, having experience from multiple markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Dr. Stanev received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Veterinary Faculty in Sofia and Master of Business Administration degree from the CITY University of Seattle branch in Sofia.
He has completed extensive trainings in Poultry nutrition, Least cost feed formulation, Feed technology,
Poultry pathology & health management, Pharmacovigilance, Business strategy and Management.
  • Coccidiosis and How to Control It
  • 5 Major Points for the Implementation of an Anticoccidial Program
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