Stress Mitigation in Aquaculture

Aquaculture has been the fastest growing animal production sector for the last four decades, and its importance to secure future global food security is well recognized. Modern aquaculture presents few challenges to our industry which is characterized by the emergence of new pathogens and new diseases, these diseases constitutes a major obstacle to further increase aquaculture production.
The development and severity of disease following exposure to a pathogen involves a number of different factors such as the virulence of the pathogen, the host’s physiological and immune condition, cultivation density and stress, of which the latter is often considered to be a major facilitator of disease in aquaculture.
In today’s aquaculture there are various stress factors which are constantly present in any cultivation system. Mitigating stress can be a result of several actions taken by farmers. In the current webinar I will discuss the different types of stressors, their influence on productivity and disease resistance and most importantly what action can be taken to mitigate those stress factors.
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