Understanding the 'Why': Embryo Diagnosis

The presentation pertaining to “Examination of unhatched eggs” will discuss the criteria used to help problem solve potential incubation parameters. This presentation outlines the procedures for conducting a residue breakout or embryo diagnosis. Not only is it important to know at what age at which the embryo died but what are other indices seen in a breakout that can help one to problem solve. Finally, interpreting what is seen is the important part of performing a residue breakout to aid in improving hatch and chick quality.

Mike Wineland graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his PhD was directed toward endocrinology and reproductive physiology of poultry. He worked at North Carolina State University in the Poultry Department for over 30 years and was a professor, extension specialist and departmental extension leader.

During the last 20 years, major emphasis was directed toward research and education for hatchery operations. The research emphasized the optimization of incubation parameters that impacted hatchling quality and subsequent performance in the broiler house.

Upon retirement from North Carolina State University Mike Wineland developed a consulting business where he investigates problems in hatchery operations and developed additional training for hatchery personnel.
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