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Rumen Health and its Importance on Productivity

Rumen Health and its Importance on Productivity

This webinar was held on 5/6/2020

Speaker: Dr. Luis Tedeschi, is a Professor and Fellow in the Department of Animal Sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

His research expertise is in ruminant nutrition, bioenergetics of growth and development, assessment of feed quality, and modeling and simulation. He has developed the Ruminant Nutrition System (RNS) model to accurately formulate diets for sheep, goats, and cattle under diverse production conditions, and the Cattle Value Discovery System (CVDS) model to predict the optimum (most profitable) endpoint of feedlot cattle given their carcass composition. The CVDS model is being used commercially and has sorted more than 10 million animals in the United States. More recently, Dr. Tedeschi has been involved in the development of sustainable livestock intensification, and the assessment of alternative feed additives to replace antibiotics in cattle production. Dr. Tedeschi has published more than 210 peer-reviewed papers and 30 book chapters and presented at more than 140 international conferences around the world. His research has secured more than US$ 6 million in the last ten years. He has advised 40 PhD and 24 MS students and mentored six post-doctorates from around the world.
  • Ruman Health and Its Importance on Productivity
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